Having Written Nothing of Great Use in a Week

I’m still doing all right. A Path as Crooked as You Please is up for sale, and I’m thrilled to see it go up, having worked on it for months to get it where I wanted it. Seriously, this is the file where I was keeping it:

Pre Publication Revisions

I’m not even sure that’s all of them.

As you can see, it had a different name for awhile (“The Wind that Spins the Weathervane” is from another song by the awesome Carley), and the revision there really may not actually be all of them, so getting the story out is a great moment. There was a lot of hard work and tweaking, and I’m hoping the story is being enjoyed.

Further, I got two submissions out this week, and that’s always a good thing. No matter whether I’m writing anything I’m going to use or not, there’s plenty of work to be done in the times when I need to let my brain sort of wander as I pick the next project. I’ve been making a list of non-writing tasks that still need some work. I’m a full-fledged graduate with a Master’s now, so my bio needs updated. I’m thinking of slightly redesigning the blog again, and there’s always a half-finished piece buried somewhere that needs a second look before I leave it exactly as it was in the first place.

What about you all? How do you keep yourself busy when writing just isn’t quite working out?