Free Story Friday: The Inaugural Run

While “I Should Get a Free Dog” continues to gain sales, I’m seeing my other work sort of sit there and wait its turn. I’m proud of everything I’ve written, so I’ve decided that every Friday, I’ll going to generate a coupon for one of my published works and give is away for free for a week on Smashwords.

This week, I’m offering “You Have Died of Boredom,” a non-fiction essay about driving across Montana with Sean and discovering that Montana bores me to tears but does have its hidden moments of awesome.

You need two things to get the essay for free: a Smashwords account, and the coupon code. Setting up the account is super simple, and they won’t spam you into next week. I don’t think I’ve ever received an unsolicited e-mail from them. As for the coupon code, well I have it right here:


Once you’ve got your account set up (or have logged in), just click the link on the title above, step-through the process, and get a free story! Just because it’s Friday! And also because I really do love this essay and wish more people would read it. If you don’t have an ereader, don’t worry. One of the great things about Smashwords is that they offer a bunch of different formatting options, including .doc, .txt, and .pdf, so all you need is your computer.

Go forth! Read! Enjoy!

Thing a Day: Day Two

I worked on something new today, an essay about driving across the country to move from Missouri to Portland. I’ve planned this essay for awhile, but grad school took priority, and I’ve had to let it simmer. I’m glad I’ve let it sit. It’s 1500 words plus a little at the end of today, and it’s coming very quickly.

I’m typing it on my iPad, and rather liking the experience. I have to two-finger type because the on-screen keyboard doesn’t differentiate between resting my fingers on the home keys and actually typing. The two-finger style makes me slow down a little (I can generally type 100 words a minute when I get going), and slowing down a little helps me think things through a little more.

I think I’ll continue working on the essay tomorrow, but I definitely have other plans for the other things a day. You’ll hear about them as they happen.

Did you do a thing today? Did you write? Draw? Make anything? Tell me about it!