Calling all Self-Published Authors for Opinions!

The short version: Two friends/business associates and myself are attempting to get a start-up business off the ground. We’ve spent the last few months considering what we’d like to do as a unit. We knew we wanted to work with self-published authors. We knew we wanted to help self-published authors with their workload, and we think we’ve figured out how to do that. What we need now is for self-published authors to look at the information below and tell us which one they like best.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce Ink & Nail:

The quickest, most direct way to build a connection with your readers these days is toself-publish, and that’s what you’re doing. But there’s just all that other stuff. The push-ups, if you will, of publishing.

Editing. Design. Covers. Marketing!

All of a sudden, you’re not writing, you’re sweating.

And that’s why we’re here. We want to take that beautiful gem of a book and put it through the ringer. We’re your one-stop shop for a stronger, better, faster book. We’re the sweat and tears boot camp for a beautiful book. We’re the drill sergeant for a purchasable, eye-catching, driven book, taking on all those heavy, bothersome tasks of self-publishing and leaving you witha finished product.

Ink & Nail wants you to write. We’ll take care of the rest.

Snazzy! But what’s the catch?

The only catch is that we don’t know how you’d like to pay. We know the services we want to offer, but we don’t know how you’d like to pay for them, so we need to hear from you. Ink & Nail is currently considering two payment methods built for two very different ways to boot camp your book. We need you to read through both options and pick your favorite:

Option 1: Four Week, Extra-Strength Boot Camp

You sign up for Ink & Nail, and we give you a heavy, four-week workload for an upfront fee. Two weeks before the month starts, you send us your manuscript, and then we break through it as follows:

    • Week One: Developmental Edit— On day one of week one, we hand back your manuscript with all our notes about what needs work. You spend week one making those big changes, with support from us when you have questions or concerns.
    • Week Two: Copyedit— You give us the fully revised manuscript, and we go over it with a fine-tooth comb, correcting spelling errors and suggesting smaller changes. We give the manuscript back to you, and you make those changes.
    • Week Three: Design— You send us the copyedited manuscript, and we make it pretty, laying it out for print and ebook use and designing a cover that makes your book pop.
    • Week Four: Marketing— We work with you to develop a marketing plan for your book by helping you set up a blog tour, guest spots on podcasts, and finding places for your book to get early reviews. We map it out with you, so you know what you need to do on the days you need to do it.

Pros to Option 1:

      • Quick turnaround on your whole book.
      • Lots of hard work handled quickly.

Cons to Option 1:

      • A sizable fee upfront to cover our costs.
      • A heavy workload for you over a month’s time.

Option 2: Ongoing, Regular-Strength Boot Camp

You sign up for Ink & Nail, and we provide the same services as the four-week boot camp but at the pace you set for yourself. You’ll be charged a monthly membership fee and have access to the following services:

      • developmental editing
      • copyediting
      • book and cover design
      • marketing assistance

You’re not required to use all of these services, but they will always be there for you.

Pros to Option 2:

      • A smaller up-front fee that is charged monthly.
      • A personalized workload based on what you have time to complete.

Cons to Option 2:

      • A slower turnaround on your book.
      • No set time-table for when your book is finished.
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2 thoughts on “Calling all Self-Published Authors for Opinions!

  1. Like what you are trying to do. I encourage people to build a business where their passion is. I wasn’t expecting these 2 options as a self-publsihed author, since I already have my book in hand ( What I need is help with Marketing, so a 3rd Option is needed for self-published authors (aka book salesman :o)

  2. On option One you say you return the edited manuscript to the author. How long do you have it before day one? Then the author is only given one week to make changes. I’ve been an editor for 20+ years. One week is impossible. The minimum time for a thorough edit, changes, copy edit, author corrections and FINAL EDIT OF THE CORRECTIONS is 6 -8 weeks. After the layout is complete, a proof-reader must go over it again to make sure there were no errors made during layout. So your plan is skipping 2 edit runs. I don’t think the price is your problem. You’re time frame is completely off.

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