Catching Up on…Everything

I am officially in the last month of my grad program, which means I am spending a great deal of time alternately buried in homework and ignoring the fact I have more homework. I had the best of intentions of getting a good piece of work finished today, but I got some bad news and have decided, instead, to play catch up on a few personal things that I’ve let fall to the wayside.

First up, I finally wrote reviews for a couple of books on Goodreads that I finished last month. I like writing book reviews, though I’m not sure I’m particularly good at it. I enjoy having some reminder of why I did or didn’t enjoy something. I also just flat-out enjoy reading, which is why you’ll rarely see him give anything less than 3 stars (if it actually gets that low). Reading has always been my go-to entertainment, and I’m proud of myself for keeping it going through the last few months. A lot of it was for school, but still. 

Second up in the catch up list is some writing plans. I’m not submitting anything new right now (which is to say I’m not writing anything specifically for publication), and I’m trying to focus on what type of writing I want to do next and which projects will get the majority of my attention. None of these plans will go into effect until Mid-June (after graduation), but I want to know what’s coming. I want to know what I’m most excited about.

And, finally, I need to start job-hunting. I have nothing else to add, except that it must be done, and that’s it.

It’s not a particularly exciting week, but it’s a busy one, and busy is always good.

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